Design Concept

Design Concept

Before we initiated our designing process, we had decided to develop a theme closely following part of Google’s design concept; meanwhile, we still want to keep our own uniqueness and create something exclusive to ourselves. That’s why we haveĀ  opted for the Google color scheme with a bright, yet consise style for our website, and have integrated it with some sketching elements for both our website and poster.

For the same reason, we have chosen the Ashe theme as a start point. It is a very concise ,but flexible theme that fits well with our purposes of design. We would like our website to look vivid, elegant, and concise so that it will not seize too much attention away from our content, but instead, accentuate and complement the information we want to present.

Team Logo

We call ourselves Dawn Explorers, for we are always open to new discoveries and are positive about anything appearing on the horizon. Also, Each of our group members' names contains at least one letter from the word 'dawn'.
We use different colors to represent ourselves because although we have different expertise and background, we work together as a great team!

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