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The Transit group

My name is Xiaoxia Deng, but I am often called  Sasha. I came from Shanghai China and I am very proud of my cultural heritage. Some of the subjects that have interested me the most throughout the years are multiculturalism, communications, technology and entrepreneurship. I would like to explore more in these areas and integrate related skill sets for my future career. I came to CCT because I believe the resultant improvement here could add significant value to my stated interests, in both my personal and professional lives.

Prior to my current studies at CCT,  I have earned degrees in Linguistics, Business, and Computer Information Technology. I have also worked in these areas and even endeavored to open my own startup company in Shanghai. In my spare time, I like volunteering in cultural or education related activities.  All these experiences helped me to understand the value of interdisciplinarity. So here I am.

Currently I’m exploring the potential to integrate commercialized education and new technology over the Internet, which involves the interconnectedness of language, communication, culture and technology. At CCT, I’d like to learn more about new media and technological innovations, as well as their influences and applications in the education and cross-culture communication fields. One of my major inquiries in this regard is how the education and applied linguistic industry should react to the technological advancements in the future and turn the challenges of potential transformation into opportunities? My goal is to find the answer to this inquiry and apply it to enhance my future career objectives.

Sasha Deng

Hello everyone, welcome to our 506 website! My name is Daiyang Zhang, and I’m from Beijing, China. I’m currently a first year CCT in Georgetown University. For my undergraduate degree, I majored in International Economics and Trade in Fudan University, Shanghai, and had a one-semester exchange to Tamkang University in Taiwan. My focus here in CCT is cultural imports and exports in East Asia. I’m particularly interested in using data, content analysis and statistical methodology to investigate on the content of the TV shows, motion picture industry in this region. I also pay great attention on the legal issues happening in this field.

Daiyang Zhang

Hello, this is Weilin Wang from the 506 Google Transit group. I’m from Beijing, China. Though having been studied in CCT program for a year, I am still kind of lost in my focus here. What do attract me are the cross-culture communication and interaction, TV program planning and popular visual art in postmodern context. However choosing a subject as a life-long career seems still leave me a long way to go. I am now a Chinese TA in the East Asia Department. This might also be a good career choice in the future isn’t it.

I love photographing and do some choreography in my spare time. Have the same interest? Please contact me.

If you’re also interested in k-pop, make-up or planning a trip to Japan, please contact me!

Weilin Wang

 Shujun Wei was born on March. 2 1993 in Shenyang City, an extremely cold city. She then grew up with her parents who were respectively a businessman and a teacher before she started school at the University of Washington. During her year at the University of Washington, she explored in the field of communication, finally deciding to become an aspiring PR practitioner focused specifically in the fields of lifestyle and technology. She was a member of PRSSA in the UW chapter. After she graduated with a bachelor’s degree, she worked as an intern on the corporate team in Edelman Shanghai managing social media accounts, conducting researches, supporting events as well as performing other tasks per requests before she entered the Annenberg School. After one semester of study at USC Annenberg, she transferred to Georgetown University to continue her academic life at the CCT program. She enjoys watching movies, Netflix shows and playing video games in her leisure time.


Wenxi Zhang is a first year student at CCT, Georgetown University. Before coming to CCT, she studied electrical and telecommunication engineering at Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication. Her current interest in CCT is how cognitive psychology and computer science are mutually related and interacted with each other and the potential impact on the development of Artificial Intelligence. She is also interested in how the discourse of gender and sexuality is presented in a larger social, cultural and political context and also in a psychological way. 

Wenxi Zhang

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