Let them tell you their stories!


Need:Best Algorithm for routing

Amy is a 30-year-old office worker in NYC. She gets up at seven every morning so that she can choose the best trip options, for example, walking, riding a bike, taking a bus or subway, to ensure that she arrives at the office on time. However, she usually has a little hungover after drinking and having fun on Sunday nights, so she will miss the alarm most of the time. Since it leaves her with limited time for traveling to office, Amy need to turn to Google Map (Transit) for  recommendations on the best route to deal with the terrible peak-hour traffic in New York and get to work punctually.



Need:Real Time Navigation

Sheldon is a professor in MIT. He is 48 years old and is still adventurous and energetic. He loves hiking at national parks or some unexplored area alone. In order to not get lost, he will turn on the real-time navigation function in Google Maps (Transit). Owing to those same-minded adventurers who help update the latest location information of the unexplored places, even the most covert path would not be hidden from him.


Need: Real-time Public Transportation

Lillian is a 23-year-old graduate student living a bit far away from her school in Washington DC. As a result, she have to take the metro to school every day. Sometimes after checking the Google Maps (Transit) and receiving the notification about emergent road conditions and blocks, she have to alter her choice of public transportation. Though she’s not familiar with the route and worse, the confusing stop names in downtown DC, Google Map can always tell her the exact stop that she is passing by and when she reaches her destination.

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